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An online symposium with participation of the research team headed by Prof. Alexander Petrov, Moscow State Linguistic University, and the representatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in the Russian Federation and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, will be held on December 3, 2020, at 17.00 Moscow time.
The purpose of the meeting is to present a monograph in the documents entitled "Spain and Russia in the North-West of America in the second half of the XVIII century." The monograph is a result of the research efforts undertaken by the research team of the Moscow State Linguistic University.
The monograph reveals the special features of the development of the territories in the North Pacific Ocean and sheds light on the historical and cultural heritage of Spain and Russia in America.
The monograph presents the unique documents and materials found by the research team in the archives and libraries of Madrid, Seville, Simancas, Valencia, Cadiz, San Cristobal de la Laguna. Those documents are related to the history of the land development in the North Pacific Ocean and have been translated into Russian language for the first time. The publication consists of the reports written by the Spanish envoys, who were based in St. Petersburg, as well as the letters and other documents that reflect the peculiarities of interaction between Russia and Spain on the question of the development of territories in the North-West of America in the second half of the XVIII century.

During the online symposium the organizers will talk about the international cooperation and the specifics of working with historical evidences during the research project.

The event will be attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and leading scientists, as well as young researchers from Spain and Russia.
Fernando Valderrama
1974 Fernando Valderrama had law practice.
1979 He graduated from the Diplomatic School, had an extensive experience in
the field of jurisprudence. He served as a Secretary in the Spanish
Embassy. He was then served in Ethiopia, Libya and appointed in the General
Directorate of Consulars and in the General Secretariat for Foreign Policy.
He was appointed to the position of the Embassy's Counselor. He served in
Morocco, Israel and Luxembourg. He was then appointed to the position of
Director of the Technical Office of the Spanish Agency for International
In 2000 Fernando Valderrama served as Permanent Charge d'Affaires in Iraq.
In 2004 he served as Ambassador to Uruguay and in 2011, Ambassador and
Permanent Representative to the O.S.C.E. (Vienna).
In 2014 he was Consul General of Spain in Mexico.
In addition to his diplomatic enrollment, he has been: Advisor to the Presidency of
the Government (1982), Director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Senate
(1984), Executive Director of the General Secretariat of the E.U.R.O.S.A.I. (1992)
He has served as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in the Russian Federation
since 2018 He was chiefly instrumental in providing support to the scholarly
community and cultural projects, which have contributed to the strengthening
relations between Spain and Russia.
Alexander Petrov
Graduated Moscow State University, with the highest honors (1992). Presented two
dissertations on the history of Russian America and Russian-American relations.
Author of numerous articles and three monographs on the history of Russia and the
USA. A member of the leading research school supported by the President of the
Russian Federation. Taught in both Russian and American universities. Participated in
radio and TV programs as well as scientific/popular films. Member of the organizational
boards of many international conferences on a variety of subjects.
Received international awards, among them is the Senior Fulbright Award for
Outstanding Research in American History (2008 Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington
Anna Alvares Soler
Anna Alvares Soler holds a degree in Translation and Interpreting in Moscow State
Linguistic University. She is a Spanish teacher that enjoys great dedication and passion
for her work. She has been engaged in audiovisual translation already for several years.
Four years ago, she had an opportunity to observe the work of audiovisual translator
from the inside. It was then when the idea of training professionals in this field and
consequently develop a new academic program – Master's degree in Audiovisual
translation- was born. Currently she is an associate professor of the Faculty of
Translation and Interpretating of Moscow State Linguistic University, a teacher of
Spanish as a foreign language since 2002, a teacher of the module of introduction of
the Theory of Audiovisual translation of the Master in Audiovisual translation of the
same faculty since 2018 She participates frequently in workshops, seminars, round
tables and talks dedicated to the profession of audiovisual translator in various Russian
Vladimir Kostornichenko
Graduated from the Peoples Friendship University (Moscow), with a degree in History
and Philology.
During 1985-2001 taught at the Volgograd State University, and was involved with the
research and teaching activities of the Center for American Studies «Americana» at the
university. In 2001, conducted a fellowship at the Kennan Institute for Advanced
Russian Studies in Woodrow Wilson Center (Washington, USA). Studied contemporary
research methodologies. Collected archival and documentary materials (worked in the
National Archives, the Library of Congress).
The author of four monographs and over 60 publications. Directed and managed the
scholarly programs the Russian Concession Policy Program, and Foreign Investment in
the Economy of the USSR and the Contemporary Russia.
Olga Neshkes
Research interests: Romance Philology, Spanish language; Translation, History of
Russian-Spanish relations.
Master of Economics (Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics) and bachelor of
linguistics (Moscow State Linguistic University), Post-graduate student of the
Department of Spanish language and translation, The Faculty of Translation and
Interpreting, Moscow State Linguistic University.
Olga Neshkes is co-author and translator of the monograph in documents "Russia and
Spain in the Northwest of America In the second half of the 18th Century (on materials
from Spanish archives)".
The author of a number of articles on translation of historical documents.
Yulia Zagudalina
Yulia Zagudalinais a 4th-year student of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of
the same University. She completed an internship at the University of Granada (Spain).
She is a participant of international conferences, a winner of the contest of academic
works held in the framework of the XIV international youth scientific and practical
conference "Translation as a factor of the development of science and technology in the
modern world" (2020) , a prizewinner ( 2nd place) of the translation contest of the same
Yulia Zagudalina is also an author of a number of poetic and literary prose translations
from Spanish and English into Russian.
Emilio Soler Pascual
Emilio Soler Pascual have a PhD in Historical science; he is a Corresponding
member of the Real Academia Hispanoamericana of Cadiz. He served as
Professor in the Department of Medieval and Modern History at the University
of Alicante. Among other things, he was the Director General of Culture of the
Generalitat Valenciana. During his academic work, he coordinated the
Permanent University on the Alicante campus, and directed the Alicante
University Headquarters. He is a member of the Spanish Geographical Society;
of the Economic Society of Friends of the Country of Valencia and of the
Association of Modern Spanish History. He has also been vice president of the
Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of Alicante.
His scientific publications include a score of books dedicated to the history of
travel and travelers around the world, especially during the 18th and 19th
Alexander Petrov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, main scientist researcher to Center for North American studies (IWH RAS)
Fernando Valderrama Pareja, Ambassador of Spain to Russia
Emilio Soler Pascual, Doctor of Historical Sciences, corresponding member of RAHA
Alexander Petrov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, main scientist researcher to Center for North American studies (IWH RAS)
Vladimir Kostornichenko, Doctor of Economics and Historical Sciences, professor of the department of Historical Sciences and Archival Sciences (MSLU)
Anna Alvares Soler, PhD of Philological sciences, Department chair and Professor (MSLU)
Olga Neshkes, Graduate Student and Teacher (MSLU)
Julia Zagudalina, Student of the Translation department (MSLU)
Questions and discussion
Summing up, closing